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Our core mission is service to our clients.  The results?

Applications that transform the user experience, and the industry they serve.  

High Growth Tech Startups

Digital Ticketing for Oil and Gas Fluid Hauling-
A SaaS Concept to Completion web application with companion mobile app (iOS and Android).  Used by Oil Producers and Service Companies to digitize fluid hauling.  The application is a multi-tenant, SaaS offering with a P2 Production Solutions integration  and other ERPs like Oracle and SAP.   

For more information see: https://totalfluidcontrol.com/  


Pipeline Pigging Platform - 
A SaaS Concept to Completion cloud hosted application.  Used by Pipeline Operators, Pipeline Tracking Companies to fully automate the pig tracking process.  The application is a multi-tenant, SaaS offering designed for future integration with ERPs like Oracle and SAP.   

For more information see: http://www.pigtracks.co/

A Short Term Financing Platform -

A Technology platform built to support unsecured loans for patients needing financing for medical procedures or other needs.  Loans are processed instantly while patients are in the doctors office.    

For more information see:  https://www.medplancredit.com

Person Matching- Indigo's proprietary application matches a person or customer who exists in multiple applications.  Valid anywhere there are persons and person events (transactions, encounters, etc). 

  • Connect patient data across all systems for true interoperability

  • Match customers in your contact managemtn system against customer data in a point of sale system.

State Education Tax Credit  Platform -

A SaaS Concept to Completion web application.  used by SGOs, the Schools they fund, and the donors taking advantage of the tax credits.    

For more information see:

Custom Software - Corporations


  • LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System - Workflow tool that facilitates communication between Physicians, Pathologists, and Patients. Integrated with existing data warehouse and ERP tools and built with a .NET web Patient portal

  • Medical Data Warehouse- Allows physicians to quickly grab medical history on patients from the data warehouse.  

  • Cardiac Analyzer - Used by pathologists to expedite emergency room cardiac diagnosis.  It facilitates faster communication of results between pathologists and ER physicians.  It also interfaces with the Cerner data warehousing system via the HL-7 interface standard in order to facilitate proper case billing.  ASP.NET/Javascript, .NET framework and utilizes mission critical Windows Services.


  • Proprietary Financial System Migration - Migrated an exsiting proprietary application designed using PowerBuilder to .a .NET framework.  Application is a SARBOX critical system with integration to the corporate ERP system.

  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) - Designed/Developed/Implemented enterprise HR system for company servicing 4000+ employees worldwide. Included automated interfaces with medical providers.  


  • Nesting Software Recovery - Client had a critical proprietary workflow application that was out of date - and no source code.  Our team re-engineered the entire application.  Included migrating data from Access to SQL Server, adding validations, cleaning data, and providing new features to enhance workflow efficiencies 

  • Scheduling Software and ERP Integration- Phase 2 combines a scheduling application within the Nesting workflow and more deeply integrates with the ERP systems.  Distribution to 50 locations in progress. 


  • Advertiser Effectiveness Reports - Automated Sales reports provided to Advertisers as proof of ad effectiveness.